Women and sex: myths or true?

Most of men are so confident, they think that they know exactly what feelings and sensations women have during sex.

Most of men are so confident, they think that they know exactly what feelings and sensations women have during sex. But this is not true. If you want learn deeper about it, we advise you to ask escort ladies of GIA. Women of easy virtue are more open to this question, and they won’t hide truth.

And now to your attention here is a selection of myths. Of course, we took only the most common beliefs, but there are so much more to discuss. But let’s start to consider.

  1. Women do not need sex as much as men do. The most famous myth. Genetically, in the female body there is a need for reproduction and the only way for that is sex, it\’s hard to ignore. Bbut her desire is not as constant as man’s, but more cyclical. that is, in different periods she has different perceptions of male loving. Let’s get jealous with escort ladies of GIA, because their wish for sex is not just cyclical, but constant. Those women of pleasure cannot be fed up with sex. They always want sex.
  2. it is necessary for women to get an orgasm. This myth is split on the cyclical needs of women in sex, after all because she just is not always ready to receive it, as if she did not want that.
  3. Each woman has point G. Yes, indeed, it is true. But not all of them are sensible. So you should better explore other erogenous zones.
  4. Women need only serious and lasting relationship. In our time, this assertion has become a myth. Either modern women may consider a young man as a sex vacation. For example, a clear confirmation for that is sex on friendship. Or men can treat women as a lady of easy virtue. One girl for one time and that\’s enough.
  5. Sexually, she is waiting for a romance. Well, it is not a correct statement. Many women from time to time want a wild, passionate sex of the animal, where rabid emotions overwhelm.
  6. Women do not like oral sex. In fact, this process «starts» sex engine of lots of women, except for those with whom he had a bad experience. Don’t be afraid to ask a woman to have oral sex. Especially, if this woman is an escort girl — she is always ready to fulfill each of your desire.

Each woman, just like man, has her own desires. Ask her what she expects from you, what she wants from sex with you. Be open and proactive. Encourage all the actions, don’t forget to tell her how good she is when doing something not allowed and «bad». Be attentive to your woman. Or, if she agrees, be lazy and let her take the initiative. Let her sexual engine get hot and she’ll surprise you like no one else.


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