Foggy Windows in the car's blind spot. How to fix it safely

In the cold season, in the Black Forest or in dense undergrowth, there is a risk of getting a nasty shock if you do not Observe the blind spots of the Windows of cars. In the following article, I will tell you how to avoid fogging, while the weather is still relatively fresh, and what you need to know to prevent fogging in the cabin. Let's talk about what happens if the Windows of a car are dirty. Dirt is naturally not pleasant to see, but it is very easy to clean it with a dry cloth. And if the dirty Windows do not wash away, then let them be constantly tamped with a dry cloth. I will also tell you about the ways that materials can be used to correct the appearance of the blind spots, and these techniques are often used by car enthusiasts with a high-quality and expensive car, myself. So, let's get to it. When do I turn on the air recirculation system in the car? The recirculation of air in the cabin is necessary to avoid damaging the paintwork and rubber surfaces of the body . It is also important to refrain from leaking condensate on the surfaces of the body and its covering. The recirculation system needs to be switched on when the air temperature is not very high, or if the driver does not use it constantly. It can be used when driving over obstacles, or if you are just passing the object that moved, caught your eye, and you did not stop to turn around. It is also worth saying that if you turn on the recirculation system while the engine is running , it is strongly not to turn on the brakes , as they can create a new situation. Brake discs are able to quickly become "disc-like" and this problem can be addressed with proper braking. When do you turn on the recirculation system in the car? Of course, you should not abruptly turn on the recirculation system , nor hold it when switching modes, so that the air recirculation loop does not go into reverse.