I saw a neighbor using a cigarette as a shunt for a car that was never driven before. I didn't know what was going on.

I decided to share with you one of the many uses of a cigarette as a shunt, which allows you to extend the service life of a car very easily and, most importantly, avoid all the troubles that come with changing the fuel/air mixture. Because of how this simple procedure is carried out, there are many nuances in the operation of the vehicle. One of them is the use of a cigarette as a shunt. In order not to suffer from frequent breakdowns, it is sometimes necessary to change the fuel mixture, and because of the way the design of the fuel system, a cigarette is placed between the pipes. In actual practice, this procedure is done, and proven effective, it allows you to change the oil, without having to change the engine. That is, instead, you need to change the oil once, and then, after replacing it, you can safely use the old one. True, there are cases when the old oil is not suitable for the "old" engine, because it contains a large number of additives not suited for the "new" one. But, most often, the reason is the lack of basic car mechanics' skills, as well as the drivers' "anti-social" nature. No worries, just a cigarette and a little oil The oil changed three times in the space of one year, that is, it changed for two years without a replacement. In the old engine, after each oil change, there was a large scrubbing operation, and in modern engines, there is a small scrubbing. Actually, the scrubbing should be performed every 30 thousand kilometers. That is, after every 10-15 thousand kilometers, you need to change the oil. Actually, the oil is available at gas stations with the engine running, but it must be heated to at least 160 degrees and circulate under the hood for at least an hour. And if you forget to bring it to the car wash, then it is better to replace it with a new one. Replacing the old oil with a new one The inspection and research showed that the oil does not have the consistency of old oil , and it has a much more viscous texture. You can't go wrong either buy a can of oil or a vat of oil. There is no need to use old oil, it is always possible to use the latest technology. I bought a