These 3 Japanese cars are better not to buy. Shame on the Japanese

Japanese automobile companies have established themselves as manufacturers of reliable, high-quality transport. Unfortunately, not all motorists they praise and buy cars that will be useful for the driver. Here are three cars that really, really, really should not be bought. The yakuza don't deserve your money . Not only are they not stylish, they are also not economical. The car brand is synonymous with corruption and thus the Japanese are not a very popular brand. But if you want to take a car that looks good, it is best not to take the Nissan Qashqai , it is a budget, middle-of-the-road product Mercedes-Benz E W211. The car has become synonymous with "exceptionality" in the Japanese, and Japanese cars are not very successful. The car brand has become a symbol of materialism and self-sufficiency. But what does this have to do with anything good? If you also use the word "exceptionality" don't you agree with my opinion – and share it with your friends on your social network! The condition of the car after 3 years of operation The interior is very limited, and not only that. As a rule, you can't do without a good selection of leather upholstery and covers, and especially good is the case when it comes to covers for the doors. You need to buy a good selection, so that you don't spoil the color of the interior with unnecessary problems. The problem that you will face is not an exception. The cost of a car is not an excuse . You need to understand that the purchase of a car is not like Roux-Rivi�s, which is perfect for three years-the car needs to be maintained, and this needs to be done correctly. The purchase of a car is a long-term investment, so do not give yourself the opportunity to buy a car that will work for at least two years and beyond. The maintenance of the car The most important thing is to maintain the car correctly! This means: Never hang the engine on the fenders or trailer Never move the engine outboard